Dear English diary


Saturday 16th June

We arrived in Plymouth very late because we had a really long yourney. Weare going to stay in a lovely city for two weeks and it is important for us because we can improve our English.

By Adrià Foix

Sunday was my first day with the family it was so interesting! And  it was fun! The first thing in the day was getting up.  I got up a little late on Sunday because the trip was very tiring.. I was exhausted. Afterwards, the father of the family called Paul took me for a walk by car, showed me the way to go to school, then took me to see the city center, the shopping center and the oldest part of town. Finally he showed me the beach and we saw the sea, it was really fantastic! I liked the view very much! Then we went home and made a little lunch, as they almost do not eat for lunch, after lunch we got to watch a film of James Bond. It was difficult to understand because it was action and I didn't know many words, but they put subtitles for me! =) After watching the movie we went to have dinner, the dinner was the largest meal of the day! There was a lot of food on the table! I was freaking out!

At the end of the day we accompany the grandchildren to the train station, because they live in London; when we returned home we watched the football match together and I went to my bed because I was tired and the next day I was waking up early! It was a great day! To repeat! 
By Judit Alsina Massons
Sunday 17th June
I got up nearly 10 o,clock in the morning and I spent all day with my friend Maria. We visited the lighthouse, we went shopping,... We had a nice day in Plymouth .

By Adrià Foix

On Sunday, I got up, and my English mother gave me breakfast which was very good. After that, I went to play Xbox 360 with Harry, and we spent a good day. In the afternoon, I and my family went to the sea, it was fantastic! After that, we went  to have dinner and finally to sleep.

By Guillem Riba

It was great to get up hearing the little boys of the family shouting, I had a good family. At first I was a bit worried about how the family would be, but when I met them all the worries left my mind. It was a great and fun family and what I love the most was that they were very open minded!

By Altea Boix

On the first day I arrived very late at 11:00 o’ clock and I went to sleep.

In the morning, the family prepared for me a very good breakfast and afterwards, I went to the supermarket with my friend Robert and other French students.

Later, at 6 I went home and I had my lunch and went to bed.

By Jaume Esplugas
Monday 18th June
The first day was so exciting, everything was new for us! When we entered the classroom, we met Nick, our teacher for the two weeks, he is so funny and a good teacher. First of all, he introduces the lessons and talked about the transition initiatives. He asked us to introduce ourselves to know something about us and then, the class started definitely.
After the break, Hal Gilmore from Transition Town Totnes explained us about transition. We were asked again to introduce ourselves and say what we wanted to study in the future to make us aware of what will happen in the future, for example in 10 years. He told us some words which will never be forgotten like PERFECTION IS THE ENEMY OF THE GOOD. He also said that WE WOULD ONLY CHANGE THE WORLD BY NOT BEING SHY, EXPRESS OURSELVES AND WORK TOGETHER.
By Altea and Laia
Thursday 19th June

On Tuesday morning we had lessons in groups at school, with our teacher whose name is Nick. Then we had breakfast, and we went to a comptuer room to communicate with our families. Then again to our usual class. We had a little lunch in a park with the teachers, later we went to the Plymouth museum and art gallery. It's a good and interesting day!
By Judit Alsina
Wednesday 20th June
This day in the morning we had classes about transition. After the classroom, we had lunch in the class and then we went to the market and asked some questions to the shops assistants about the food and the economy. And finally we went shopping. It was cool day but the weather was bad because it rained in the afternoon.    
 By Monica Cortes Mas

 Thursday 21st June
Today has been a good day. It has only rained in the evening. In my opinion the lessons are more interesting in the morning than in the afternoon because in the morning its more like only being in class and in the afternoon we have visited the market and the other days we visited many things in Plymouth, so it is great.I think being here is a really good experience that you can`t forget and it helps you a bit with growing like a more polite person. I`m going to bed really satisfied. Bye, diary!
By Maria Forns

We took conclutions about our questions in the market. After that we played some games to improve our vocabulary and we met a new friend from China. Victoria is an English teacher in her country and we enjoy a lot meeting her.
It rained a lot and we couldn’t visit Mount Mt Edcumbe . We are going next week.
By Maria Padro
It was a good day although it rained a lot. My feelings were that I was being used to my new family and my new life. The day was really nice and I had a good time with my friends.
By Adria Foix
Friday 22nd June
Today has been a day with los of feelings. We have been to TOTNES, the first transition town!! It is a small town and the people are very pleasant. It is a beautiful and lovely place. There we did an activity about transition, funny and interesting. After lunch we visited the town, but the best part of the day was when Mar told us very good news, we had won the scholarship: 1.200 Euros! And the bad news was that unfortunately Carla sprinkled her ankle!
By Núria and Lídia
We went to school and meet. Then at 10:00 o’ clock we left by coach to visit Totnes . We meet with Hal Grilmore, and he explained more things about Transition Towns. Then we explored the town centre. Where we bought personal presents.Ah! Carla sprained her anke unfortunately!! 
Saturday 23rd June
We got up as every day and we met the group at quarter to ten, then we took the bus to Eden Project. when we arrived there, we started to move within the site and took photos to every single plant or interesting things we saw.
It was a nice day although i didn,t feel weel after leaving the place; we could know why we have to preserve the rainforest and all the nature that live with us.

By Jaume and Robert 
Sunday 24th June
Great and sunny day with a good company. What did we do? We visited Plymouth; the Hoe and the Barbican. Then we drove an English car!!! First to Tavistock where we had lunch and saw the old town and the closed market. Later nice driving through the Moors to The Dartington Hall, wonderful gardens and atmosphere, We were impressed... Back home and a great party at Marylin,s place wtih 17 people!!!! Eating, drinking and dancing.
 Pilar i Mar 
First, after getting up, we had breakfast with the family and then we danced, we played games and we took some photos with the children.
Later we had lunch with all the family in the garden because the weather was good and we talked with them. The family went to a party and we decided to meet our friends in town. There we went shopping and we had a drink.
After all, we retuned home by bus and we had dinner also with the family. Finally, to finish the day, we watched the football match, England against Portugal on TV.
It was a really good Sunday.
By Carla Sendra and Maria Corbella
This was the free day to spend with the families. So I got up at 9:00 and after breakast my English family and me went to the Music Festival. It has been a cool day!
By Mònica Cortés
It was the free day with our families. We got up at 8:00 and then with my “mum”, Altea and a friend from Paris went to a market and also to a festival in the City centre. It was an amazing day                                                                                                        By Laia Casellas
Today has been the family day. We got up late and had breakfast. After that we went to the mall with our friends, but we returned home early to enjoy a barbacue with the family. We have been in the garden helping and then we ate the dinner; the food was delicious! After dinner, we met our friends and at nine o,clock, we went back home.
                                                                                                         By Núria and Lídia
Monday 25th June
All day was amazing because we could learn about transition doing funny and interesting activities . The walk tour in Totnes with Hal was great and we could see what a transition town is like. We also met Rob Hopkins. It was really a great experience!
                                                                  By Carla Sendra and Maria Corbella
Tuesday 26th June
It was the first day with normal lessons after four days of visits: Totnes – Eden project – family day – Totnes. We had to get used to the daily routine in the UK, but we were very tired from the journeys, the weather... so it was a difficult day to have lessons.
In the afternoon we visited the Plymouth Aquarium which was little but really beautiful, all the animal were precious! It was like if we were inside the sea with all the fish, sharks and turtles swimming!
The best part of the day was the bowling. After the aquarium, the whole class went there and enjoyed the evening. We needed to break with the routine and have a rest.
By Altea and Laia
Wednesday 27th June
The day has been really nice. During the morning we have talked about transition, it has been really good because all the people have been able to give their own opinions. In the afternoon we visited Mount Edgecumbe, a nice place with a lot of green areas. We have also played football.                                                                                                   By Maria Padró
During the morning lessons, we did a lot of speaking with our teacher, Nick. We enjoyed a lot holding a debate about the project, as you know, about transition. Later, we went to visit Mount Edgecumbe, a very nice park and gardens. Unfortunatelly the week before rained a lot and we couldn't go. It is a lovely place and we played football on the grass.
                                                                                                                 By Adrià Foix
Thursday 28th June
On Thursday morning we went to the school and we did lessons with Nick. We had lunch in the class; after that, we stayed in the class or in the hall and at 2:00 we went to visit the Lord Mayor’s Office. When it finished, we went shopping,  in the centre because we wanted to buy lots of presents for our 
families and friends in Catalonia. Finally we went home together and some of our friends went to havedinner in a restaurant. And that’s our final afternoon in Plymouth.
By Judit Alsina
Friday 29th June
The families joined us at school with all the suitcases and the first part of class we went to work on computers. The second part we delivered a gift to our teacher and apart from the time we played games as farewell activities.  Nick gave us the certificates and the assessment of the course. We had lunch and at 1:30 we went to the airport and we took the plane home We arrived in Barcelona at night.
                                By Mònica
The last day in Plymouth was a sad day because it was time to say goodbye to our families at 9 o'clock. Then, we went to do our lessons with Nick until 12:30.
  • At 2.00, we went to the Bristol Airport, by bus. We stayed in the bus during 3 hours.
  • At 5.00 we arrived at the airport, and we did the latest shopping
  • And at 8.00 we caught the plane to Barcelona and we arrived in Barcelona where we met our families.
  • Finally we arrived in Sta Coloma and went to bed...  A GOOD EXPERIENCE? YEEEES!!!!!                                                                                                        By Guillem


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