27 jun. 2012

A day in TOTNES

Hi friends, students of 4th ESO Joan Segura i Valls were in Totnes last Monday 25th June 2012.
We started in the morning with some transition activities with Hall Gillmore in one of the Totnes gardens.

We also met and interviewed Rob Hopkins
                                          Great day in Totnes!!!!

18 jun. 2012


TTT in Plymouth, the gesture that we will never forget!  - 18th June
                                      Plymouth museum and art gallery - 19th June
              Interviewing people in the market about transition, food, economy,... - 20th June
                      Rainy Wednesday, all day transitioning inside the school! - 21st June
                                Finally we got TRANSITION TOWN TOTNES-22nd June
                                Eden Project   and  Looe, Cornwall - 23rd June
                                        Fortunately, Maria could come back! - 23rdJune
                                       Sunday at Dartington Hall - 24th June
                                   In the castle in Totnes, after playing football - 25th June
    We enjoyed the Plymouth aquarium and the guide and also the bowling -26 and 27th June
                          In the council city with the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress - 28th June

6 jun. 2012


On the 3rd June the first meeting was planned to be done in the area of La Capelleta, but the bad weather took us to the sports centre. About 60 people shared a nice breakfast, proposals and ideas. It is worth highlighting the good atmosphere and collaboration shown by most participants. Some working groups were formed and they will start thinking of transition activities to take ahead. The groups are: Communication, energy, education, mobility and town planning, young people in transition, economy, health and natural growth, agriculture and food, art and culture.
About 42 people participate in these groups and the students of our school are
the young people in transition.

        Our principles

                                                                                          Good feelings!

6 may. 2012


Last 1st May, one of the founders of TT published a post on his personal blog about Santa Coloma en transició. He mentioned the lipdub he found in youtube, the skype with our high school and our transitioning project.
Click here to read this post: Rob Hopkins' blog.

And more in the May Round-up of What's happening out in the world of transition: "Also in Spain, the students at High School Joan Segura i Valls in Santa Coloma de Queralt (in Catalonia, Spain) completed their project on Transition, and submitted their final report "

30 abr. 2012

26 abr. 2012


This week, all the students of 4th of ESO performed a lipdub related to the Transition Project and it is about how to make our town more sustainable.
After a very good work the lipdub looks really nice!!
For more information see the Activities section 8

24 abr. 2012


...we are presenting the project to the Catalan government with the possibility of getting a scholarship to travel to England. In the south west of the British Isle we are going to continue our reserach about Transition Towns in situ, in real transition towns like Plymouth, Exeter and Totnes. This blog will be updated with new transitioning activities.  

20 abr. 2012


The students of 4th ESO with the steering group, teachers of the school, the president of the parents' association -Josep Mª Puiggener and the Mayor of Santa Coloma, Sr. Ramon Borrás.

15 abr. 2012


Thank you very much for your attendance at Santa Coloma en transició presentation 
We feel plenty of energy to go ahead with this initiative when we see more than 150 people very motivated  and ready to participate.

The room of the castle crowded with people. At the front right the students of
4th ESO and at the back there is the exhibition.

For more information see the Activities section 7

7 abr. 2012


The students of 4th ESO are collaborating with the presentation. The students responsible of the Projecte de Recerca TT are explaining their conclusions in their piece of work and show trhe video they created about Santa Coloma and  its possible transition. The class is also presenting a moviemaker with a summary of the activities they have done in the project related to transitioning.

The project of these students have been the clue to start the initiative in Santa Coloma.
For more information see the Activities section 7

27 mar. 2012

EXHIBITION: Little steps to the transition

The exhibition will be in the primary and secondary schools of Santa Coloma and also in the castle room where there will be the opening session of Santa Coloma en transició on the 14th April.

For more information see the Activities section 6

TRANSITION TALES in the primary school by 4th ESO

Arrving at school and ready for sharing the transition tales with the students in Cor de Roure. Some of them remember their old school.
As Cor the Roure primary school is a Escola verda, we organized some workshops  of Transition Tales and the exhibition Little steps to the transition with students of 5th and 6th. It was great fun for both old and young students.                            For more information see the Activities section 5

29 ene. 2012

Transition Initiatives

The decrease of the material resources availability and fossil energy in the world is a fact. One day oil is going to be scarced, also natural gas, some other fossil fuels, raw material and other natural resources. And all because we are consuming them at a higher velocity and the Earth hasn’t got infinite resources.

In front of that dilemma of what to do thinking in the future of the next generations, there are several options: one of them is the transition towns project. It’s a citizen initiative which is based on people’s participation and directed by people,too; its objective is to rationalize the energetic consumption and also the resources consumption reducing the impact on the planet, improving the current and the future generations wellness. It is to achieve a stronger community that doesn’t depend of external factors to satisfy their own needs, more participative and more enriching.

A group of persons talk about it and get information. They start doing little things, like reducing light consumption in houses, using public transport,... And they exchange skills: I fix your bike, you help me with the garden, I teach you maths, you help me to talk in English, I teach you how to make marmalade,... And so they share knowledge and experiences.

And some routines start to change: consuming more local products, using renewable energy sources,... This way, the process grows slowly, like plants. More people get involved. Every time we can live better in the town consuming less resource, causing less impacts, being less vulnerable to the external facts (resilience increases), acting together with a community behaviour, and everyone feels participatory, motivated and more enriched as a person.

We are already... in transition.     

17 ene. 2012


On the 12th January at 15:30 GPM 2012, Mònica Cortés, Laia Casellas and Nuria Castillo, the group of Transition Towns research work, had a skype arrangement with Rob Hopkins, the promotor of Transition Towns, who answered their questions very kindly. Some students of 4th of ESO attended the talk. It was very interesting.
For more information see the Activities section 4

9 ene. 2012


The Parc de Nadal" was organized from the 27th to the 29th December. Some volunteer associations participate with different workshops and the students of 4th ESO every year help little children with activities and sell pop corn and drinks. This year they hang the poster of Time Banking to make difussion among the people of the village asking them to participate.

For more information see Activities section 3