27 jun. 2012

A day in TOTNES

Hi friends, students of 4th ESO Joan Segura i Valls were in Totnes last Monday 25th June 2012.
We started in the morning with some transition activities with Hall Gillmore in one of the Totnes gardens.

We also met and interviewed Rob Hopkins
                                          Great day in Totnes!!!!

18 jun. 2012


TTT in Plymouth, the gesture that we will never forget!  - 18th June
                                      Plymouth museum and art gallery - 19th June
              Interviewing people in the market about transition, food, economy,... - 20th June
                      Rainy Wednesday, all day transitioning inside the school! - 21st June
                                Finally we got TRANSITION TOWN TOTNES-22nd June
                                Eden Project   and  Looe, Cornwall - 23rd June
                                        Fortunately, Maria could come back! - 23rdJune
                                       Sunday at Dartington Hall - 24th June
                                   In the castle in Totnes, after playing football - 25th June
    We enjoyed the Plymouth aquarium and the guide and also the bowling -26 and 27th June
                          In the council city with the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress - 28th June

6 jun. 2012


On the 3rd June the first meeting was planned to be done in the area of La Capelleta, but the bad weather took us to the sports centre. About 60 people shared a nice breakfast, proposals and ideas. It is worth highlighting the good atmosphere and collaboration shown by most participants. Some working groups were formed and they will start thinking of transition activities to take ahead. The groups are: Communication, energy, education, mobility and town planning, young people in transition, economy, health and natural growth, agriculture and food, art and culture.
About 42 people participate in these groups and the students of our school are
the young people in transition.

        Our principles

                                                                                          Good feelings!